10k+ SoundCloud Plays

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10,000 SoundCloud Plays

Receive 10,000+ SoundCloud Plays in about 5~7 days. Optional extras & Sponsored Mentions available.

10K SoundCloud Plays

Receive 10,000+ SoundCloud Plays in about 5-7 days.

10K SoundCloud Plays

Receive 10,000+ SoundCloud Plays in about 5-7 days.

Product Description

10,000+ Real, High-Quality SoundCloud Plays

Our 10,000+ SoundCloud Plays plan guarantees to deliver over 10,000 plays to any SoundCloud track in about 5 to 7 days. You can also choose to add-on extras to your plan such as SoundCloud Likes, Reposts and Comments for your track.

You can also select our Premium Sponsored Mentions service to get your track promoted on Twitter by popular, targeted influencers.


Highlights / Advantages

✔ 10,000+ High-Quality Plays from Real People
✔ SoundCloud Track Add-ons Available
✔ Premium Sponsored Mentions
✔ 100% Guaranteed Results
✔ 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Optional SoundCloud Add-Ons

1. SoundCloud Likes

SoundCloud Likes & RepostsOur SoundCloud Likes option will push from 100 to 1,000+ likes to your track over a few days, alongside your 10,000+ plays. We recommend adding at least 200+ likes with the 10k Plays plan, as we don’t guarantee users will like your track. It also ensures your track receives reaffirming Social Proof and helps encourage others to listen and like as well (sparking engagement).

2. SoundCloud Reposts

With our SoundCloud Repost option, we can get hundreds of high-quality SoundCloud users reposting your track to their profile. Plans range from 50 to 500+ repost, all delivered over a few days. These plans are ideal for improve social proof, spark engagement, attract more plays and gain more fans.

3. SoundCloud Comments

Get high-quality, authentic SoundCloud users commenting on your track about anything you want. You can choose a comment plan, ranging from 10 to 100+ comments. You can than customize the comments you want to receive, or have users create positive comments themselves.

4. Sponsored Mentions for SoundCloud

SoundCloud FollowersOur premium Sponsored Mentions service will get your SoundCloud track promoted to up to a million targeted, active users on Twitter through popular influencers. The service is perfect to attract targeted listeners, exposure, awareness and credibility.

Plans are based on overall reach (combined active followers from influencers), starting from 25,000+ to 1 Million+ Social Reach. Turnaround time ranges from 5 to 10 days. Learn more by clicking the Sponsored Mentions tab above.


1. You must provide the link to one (1) individual track (No sets).
2. Your track must have statistics enabled. We need to be able to see your play, like and repost stats.

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Promote Your Music with Sponsored Mentions

Sponsored Mentions is a Premium Influencer Marketing service that gets verified influencers on Twitter and other social networks tweeting and recommending your content (ie. SoundCloud track) to their thousands or even millions of active, targeted followers and fans. Gain instant exposure through the people and users that influence your fans the most.
Sponsored Mentions for SoundCloudPowerful Advantages
(1) Spread Awareness Quickly
(2) Get Targeted Listeners
(3) Attract Genuine Followers
(4) Strengthen Social Proof
(5) Increase Social Authority

Plans & Pricing, Explained

Our plans are based on one single factor: How many people do you want to be exposed to? We offer multiple plans based on audience reach (ie. Impressions) on Twitter:
Social Promotion Plans are based on Reach, or the amount of targeted users your video will be exposed to when tweeted / posted by influencers.

Social Promotion Plans and Pricing

25k Social Reach (2~3 influencers) — $40
50k Social Reach (3~5 influencers) — $75
100k Social Reach (5~8 influencers) — $125
250k Social Reach (8~12 influencers) — $300
500k Social Reach (12~20 influencers) — $500
1 Million Social Reach (20~30 influencers) — $1,000

For example, if you select the 50k Social Reach plan, your track will be promoted by 3 to 5 popular influencers to an audience of over 50,000 targeted fans & followers. In most cases, these sponsored tweets and posts will receive plenty of natural shares and retweets for additional exposure and impact.

Target AudienceTargeting Options
We’ll match your account with the best qualified influencers in our private 10,000+ Influencer network. Targeting is based on your music’s genre, language, location as well as the personal preference of influencers themselves.

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30 reviews for 10k+ SoundCloud Plays

  1. :

    Devumi was very responsive to my inquiries and the work performed exceeded my expectations!

  2. :

    Worked as described. Thanks!

  3. :

    Thank you thank you thank you! Devumi works so well for me

  4. :

    Very content with delivery speed.

  5. :

    LOVE Devumi. They offer high quality quality service and were very responsive to my inquiries.

  6. :

    I bought soundcloud plays and my order hadn’t started in 4 days. I contacted support and they had it started in a few hours. My order was completed in 3 days after that. Great service and SUPER GREAT support. A-

  7. :

    i ordered my package and exactly 24 hours later my soundcloud song started going up!!

  8. :

    I’m thinking about using your soundcloud service for one of my music clients. I like your ‘add ons’ but you don’t mention about growing ‘followers’, …only likes, comments, reposts. What’s your advice for increasing the followers?

    • :

      Hello Karen,

      We can help you increase your SoundCloud followers. We have a separate service dedicated to growing SoundCloud Followers, which you can find here:

  9. :

    I was totally skeptical about buying plays since you always hear they are either a scam or the service never works. After purchasing 10k plays to try it out, everything I thought about it went out the window! Devumi defiantly delivered what they promised and then some which is totally awesome! Will defiantly use you again!

  10. :

    First timer here. I bought this 10k plan last Friday and it was done in 2 days flat. Over 14k plays, 457 likes and 27 comments all in 2 days. Safe to say it actually works. Great job Devumi!!